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LGBTQ Family Visibility Project

This is a time of great stress and struggle, and also power and possibility. Do you want to tap into that possibility? Our Family Coalition and SprOUT Family are gathering voices of LGBTQ families in California to assist with support, education and advocacy in the upcoming year. Share your story to help move hearts and minds!

We welcome stories from LGBTQI parents and caregivers, prospective parents, donors, children of LGBTQI parents, siblings and extended families (PFLAGers). All stories will be edited in collaboration with you and featured on Our Family Coalition and SprOUT Family websites.

Ways you can tell your story

Please contact or to participate or call/text at 510-381-0876. Thank you!

Key Questions Recommended


Who is your family? (Cultures and ethnicities, family formation, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, where you are from and where you live…) What do you love about your family?


What matters to your family? What are your family values? What motivates you and drives you?


How are you strengthening alliances and solidarity in this time? What do you need from your allies? (actions, attitudes, resources, etc)


What helps you stay strong and resilient?


What gives you hope and inspiration at this time?

Fears & Struggles

What are your fears and concerns at this time?

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